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Founded in 1969 by Jose Trimino in the City of Paramount, with only one truck, a handful of employees and a few customers Sav-on Plating has been able to carve out a name through hard work and dedication.Sav-on Plating has always been a family owned business, the current owner Joseph Trimino purchased the business from the founder in the early 2000’s. The continuous expansion’s under Joseph Trimino now totaling over 62,000 sq. feet in facilities. Sav-on Plating distinguishes itself from its competitors through quality, service and pricing. Specializing in barrel and rack plating. SAV-ON PLATING's automated lines can handle all of your plating needs, with its success in the metal finishing industry.

With multiple national recycling recgonition award to our credit, Sav-On Plating is always working Environmental Friendly by recycling all of our hazardous waste.



17 West Watkins Road
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone:(602) 252-4311
FAX: (602) 252- 4653

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